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Inside the Mind of Ditti: Really LBJ?

I think it may be happening...I think I might be turning on LeBron James. Now, seeing him in that god awful purple and gold doesn't help, but this goes beyond my Sacramento Kings homer-dom...this is about something LBJ said. With just 25-games left in the regular season, the Lakers are sitting 3-... Read More

Inside the Mind of Ditti: An Embarrassment to the League

The NBA is a players league, the NFL is starting to realize that they're going to have to become the same...but Major League Baseball is going the opposite way, and it's pretty embarrassing to see. In recent history we have seen players signed by MLB franchises for ungodly amounts of money, and yes... Read More

ITMOD: Necessary Change

I've said it for years and have heard the same response every time, but the inevitable might finally be here. Major League Baseball is discussing the implementation of the Universal DH and it's about time they did. Deep breaths purists...your typical responses haven't swayed me yet and they won't... Read More

ITMOD: It’s About Time, Now Do Better

It took until 2019, but we finally have a unanimous vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame and it is in the form of former New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. Good. Great. Now, BBWAA, DO BETTER! It is an absolute travesty that Mariano Rivera in 2019 is the first unanimous vote for the Hall. With... Read More

Inside the Mind of Ditti: Shut Up and Enjoy the Greatness

Why yes, this is unquestionably going to be a homer time blog. So, you've been warned and can click away right now if it's going to upset you...but...I'm still going to write it. It's time to shut up and enjoy greatness. Seriously. I've had enough of the hate. I know inherently, we are haters. We... Read More

ITMOD: Here We Go Again

For four straight years, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers have faced off in the College Football Playoff. Three of them, including tonight, for the National Championship. Typically, this would be an annoyance to most sports fans...but this one feels different. It's the Ali vs Frazier... Read More

ITMOD: Ditti's 2018 In Review

This one will get personal and is steeped in homerism. This is your one and only warning. 2018 was an interesting year for me, to say the least. Lots of ups and downs, lots of good and bad memories and every single one somehow ties in to sports. Cause that's me. This year started out with a bang... Read More

Tales From The Cockpit: State of Gamecock Nation 2018

Well...that was ugly... Our Gamecocks completely laid an egg in the Belk Bowl and were shut out by the Virginia Cavaliers. It happened, it's over and I promise you that Deebo Samuel wouldn't have made all that much of a difference outside it not being a shutout maybe. Of course, there is a lot to... Read More