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Miami Hurricane Defensive Back Dee Delaney talks NFL Draft, Orange Bowl and more.

ESPN Upstate interview with Miami Hurricane DB Dee Delaney

December 29, 2017 - 6:15 pm

Author: Brandon Golden

As Wisconsin and Miami face off tomorrow in the historic Capitol One Orange Bowl, college football fans and enthusiasts are eagerly waiting; as their excitement increases by the hour. However, no one is more excited than the two teams who will go to war tomorrow night for bragging rights and the championship that only 83 teams have had the opportunity to win in the past. 

As the orange bowl approaches I had the chance to talk to Miami Hurricanes Defensive Back (DB) Dee Delaney about football, the NFL draft, preparation for the Orange Bowl and more. Delaney is a senior DB from Beaufort, SC who transferred to the University of Miami after dominating his position at the Citadel in Charleston, SC. While Delaney’s ability on the field is remarkable, his resilience, love for football and knowledge of the game is also something to admire. 

In the 2017 college football season, Delaney racked up 34 tackles and 1 interception in seven games. This is notable because Delaney missed 4 games in the 2017 season and still kept consistent numbers with his respective teammates who didn’t miss any games: DB Micheal Jackson (39 tackles, 3 INT) and DB Malek Young (43 tackles and 2 INT). Delaney is definitely an NFL caliber DB who has a bright future ahead in professional football. 


Take me back to the beginning, when did first start playing football? Did you know early that you wanted to play football for the rest of your life? 

I started playing when I was about 8 years old and never looked back. I knew since I was a little boy that football was something I loved and wanted to play for the rest of my life. 

A lot of guys who play football growing up dream about the chance to continue playing after High School. What advice would you give to younger athletes who aspire to play college football?

I would say it takes a lot of dedication and determination. Playing football after high school is not an easy thing because there are a lot of athletes trying to do the same. As long as you have a strong enough mind you would be fine. Also it’s okay not to follow the crowd. Be your own person. Although it might be tough to do in the end it will all be worth it. 

You've had the opportunity to play college football for two Division 1 teams. Can you describe what the process was like for you transitioning from the Citadel to University of Miami?

The transition was a little different. I mean I was living a military school lifestyle and going to a school in a city where itʼs paradise. I would say that the Citadel helped me mature as a young man so the wild lifestyle in Miami didnʼt really get to me. I knew why I was transferring to Miami and I had a plan. As an athlete a lot of people want to party or hang with you and in a big city like Miami on a good football team itʼs really easy to get into temptation. I just had to stay strong mentally and overcome the distractions. 

You're playing on a very special team this year that's had great success, holding a record of 10-2. What has it been like playing under head coach Mark Richt and cornerback coach Mike Rumph? 

 It has been an amazing experience. To have the opportunity to play for a great coach like Mark Richt is something that I wouldʼve never thought of. I am very grateful that he allowed me the chance to play for him. Playing under Mike Rumph is like a cheat code. He played with some of the greatest players to play in college and the NFL. He also played in the NFL so he knows what it actually takes to make it there. With the knowledge and dedication he brought everyday to practice was very much appreciated. He is an awesome coach!

In my opinion, I think the coolest thing I've seen this football season is the Univ. Of Miami turnover chain. Has being able to claim the Cuban link impacted the way you guys play on the defensive side of the ball? Have you had a chance to wear the chain? 

The turnover chain is something that can’t be described. I think it just fits the Miami lifestyle and players perfectly. The chain really did bring a major spark to the defense because we all wanted to put it around our necks. As kids all we wanted to wear was big gold chains and to have that chance to do that playing the sport we love is great. It makes the players bring a little extra effort to their game because the men next to them is going to do the same. I had the opportunity to wear the chain in a huge rival game against Florida State.

In a couple of weeks you will be playing in one of college football’s most prestigious bowl games. How does it feel to be playing in the 84th Orange Bowl against Wisconsin? 

The feeling has not quite hit me yet honestly. To me itʼs just another big game because itʼs the next one but I know itʼs an important game. I know Wisconsin is a really good team and we have to bring our A-game against them.

You were projected to be selected in the 4th-7th rounds if you would have entered the NFL Draft after the 2016 season. Where do you stand as far as entering in the next NFL draft? Who would you like to play for?

I think I stand in a good position. I honestly donʼt get into the numbers game because at any moment it could change. I believe that when I go and crush the combine teams are going to start doing a lot of talking. My favorite team is the steelers so I would love to play for them but also the Falcons are Panthers since it is close to home and my family can come.

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