Former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Rob Ryan (left) and brother/head coach Rex Ryan react in the fourth quarter against the Oakland Raiders during a NFL football game at Oakland Coliseum.

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WATCH: Rob and Rex Ryan Get Into a Bar Fight

Always Have Your Brother's Back!

Kyle McCann
June 05, 2017 - 12:52 pm

In all their years in the league, former NFL coaches Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan came to be known as a pair of guys who don't back down from a fight. It's just that, well, normally the fight is on a football field and not in a bar!

The currently out-of-work brothers were in Nashville for the NHL Stanley Cup festivities over the weekend when it appears someone made the mistake of getting up in Rex's face. Or, at least, someone made the mistake of giving Rex a shove with Rob in sight. You can see in the video, Rob appears to give the suspected trouble-maker a quick throat grab, just to let him know that the Ryan brothers aren't the guys you want to start something with.

No word on if anyone was injured or if any charges will be filed, but it appears as if it was just a brief, alcohol-induced skirmish between a few dudes at a bar... it happens.

Meanwhile, Rex is set to join ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown this season after he was fired by the Buffalo Bills with one game left in the 2016 season. 



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