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Silly Season Is Almost Over

October 12, 2020 - 12:44 pm

Don’t worry movie-glass-thin-skinned power 5 football fans…the pesky group of 5 ranking usurpers be artificially relegated back where we belong soon enough.

Power 5 conference fans are an interesting bunch. Getting $30-50 million for no reason other than your school was in the right place 89 years ago and bogarting 100% of the pre-season love is not enough for you. You have to be told week in and week out that you’re superior and when you’re not….you lose your minds.

Diesel, what are you talking about?

I’m talking about the AP Top 25 college football rankings that still feature teams who have yet to play. I’m talking about the LSU fans who are LOSING THEIR MINDS today because the Cajuns from Lafayette are ranked and they’re not. I’m talking about the 208 (and counting) replies to Brett McMurphy’s unofficial Top 25 that excludes teams who haven’t played.

For reference, Brett’s Top 25 (excludes 0-0 teams)…

1-Clemson 2-Bama 3-UGA 4-NDame 5-UNC 6-OklaSt 7-Cincy 8-UF 9-KSU 10-ISU 11-BYU 12-Louisiana 13-SMU 14-Marshall 15-A&M 16-Miami 17-Auburn 18-Tulsa 19-WVU 20-Coastal Carolina 21-UAB 22-BC 23-Tenn 24-Liberty 25-VaTech

And the AP Top 25 (includes 0-0 teams)…

1-Clemson 2-Bama 3-Georgia 4-Notre Dame 5-UNC 6-Ohio St 7-Okla St 8-Cincinnati 9-Penn St 10-Florida 11-Texas A&M 12-Oregon 13-Miami 14-Auburn 15-BYU 16-Wisconsin 17-SMU 18-Tennessee 19-Michigan 20-Iowa St 21-Louisiana 22-Kansas St 23-Va Tech 24-Minn 25-USC

Sorry Marshall, Tulsa, Coastal Carolina, UAB, and Liberty…multiple games in, you’re clearly worse than teams we know nothing about.

But who have those G5 teams played??? You really want to have that talk? Ok. Let’s have that talk. Who have Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, or Southern Cal played? (I’ll help…LITERALLY no one). It sucks having to work up from the bottom. Try it for yourself and you might gain some perspective.

Rest assured, on November 7th the band will be back together and you won’t have to fret (or angrily tweet Brett McMurphy) anymore.

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