South Carolina Should Leave the SEC

and here's why

July 23, 2019 - 3:57 pm

South Carolina fans should want the Gamecocks to re-join the ACC.

Before you sharpen yer pitchforks let me explain, because it’s actually a very simple reason. Winning is fun. And winning is ALL fans should care about. Sure, your school would stand to lose a little money…the SEC’s media payout in 2018 was $43.7 million, which would mean a move to the ACC would net the Gamecock football program about $14 million less, but fans shouldn’t care about that. When was the last time you saw a dime of that money? Any fan who does is just (insert another word for stick) measuring anyway.

Sure the Gamecoks had a run of unprecedented success under Steve Spurrier, but since joining the SEC in 1991 South Carolina has been…well…a door mat, having gone a pretty disappointing 112-179-5 against SEC opponents, and only having been the division champ once in 2010. Do South Carolina fans like money more than they hate winning? Is watching someone you'll never speak to spend money worth losing?

It's a good idea for the Gamecocks to join the ACC. South Carolina even has history with the conference, having been a member from 1953 to 1971 and even having won a conference title in 1969. Your biggest rival is in the ACC, South Carolina has the talent level to compete immediately for a division title, and if the ACC is so easy (as SEC fans constantly remind everyone, even when the greatest team ever assembled lost to an ACC school in the national title game by 28) why not slide right over, join the Coastal and win a lot more games?

Besides, for you bean counters, winning more games equals more money from ticket sales, merch, and donations. So the difference in money lost by moving conferences could be made up elsewhere.

Let’s be honest, and before you – again – sharpen your pitch forks I’m not a Clemson homer. I’m proposing a way to help South Carolina avoid putting the lotion in the basket and dig out of its football hole. Not to mention upgrading your home for men's and women's basketball, sports which the Gamecocks have seen major success in the past 5 years.

Let this sink in, lay your pride aside and tell me it’s still crazy.

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