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Rob Brown

Group of 5 Can't Get No Respect

And That's On You

November 09, 2020 - 6:37 pm

“But they haven’t played anybody”

“Just look at their conference record”

“Only in a weird way”

I have a real question for the hoards of pundits and fans who love plucking “not today” apples off the tree of excuses. What would it actually take to respect a Group of 5 team? Something plausible…because if your answer is “join a better conference”…namely, a Power 5 conference…I don’t see them expanding any time.

I mean, two pillars of the mighty Big10, two blue bloods…Michigan and Penn State have 1 win between them. Beating them means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I had an argument with Rob on the show today about Liberty. He asked “how would they fare against Notre Dame?” And I could only reply “how has everyone faired against Notre Dame?” If that’s not the most unfair straw man hypothetical I’ve ever heard, what is? They’ve only been torching people all season (except for Louisville) and beat the #1 team in the country. Saying “Liberty is no good because they couldn’t hang with Notre Dame” when neither could Florida State, Pitt, or Georgia Tech…programs that benefit from $30 million TV revenue payouts every year.

I hoped this would be the year that the pundits and AP voters would pull their heads out of their backsides and do more than anoint one G5 representative while paying lip service to others, but I was wrong.

On second thought, don’t answer my original question because I already know the answer. “What would it take to actually respect a Group of 5 team?”.

You won’t because you don't want to.

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