NFL Not Getting My Eyeballs

Here's Why

October 15, 2019 - 4:22 pm

Why is the NFL doing this to us?

The NFL is bad football, bad marketing, and bad people.

I myself have never been into pro football. I’ve tried, but I just can’t stick with it. I should be. I grew up 90 minutes from Charlotte. I was 11 in 1995 when the NFL announced their expansion. I should’ve fallen in love with it…but I didn’t. I’ve never even been to a game. The closest I came was meeting Jerry Richardson at a Clemson game around 1996.

Fast forward through 23 years of bone headed move after bone headed move and I’ve gone from apathy to real disgust for the product Roger Goodell and company have put on the field.

Adam “Pacman” Jones, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Bountygate, Bullygate, Deflategate, Spygate, Aaron Hernandez, Colin Kaepernick. At almost every step of the way the NFL has gotten major decisions wrong. Add to that diva characters like Antonio Brown and Terrell Owens, the league (and the media) spends all its time putting bad guys on the pedestal while good guys in the league get little recognition.

Also, have you seen many of the NFL’s prime time games this year? They’re consistently awful. And speaking of “have you seen them”…how the heck do you watch NFL games? The NFL blacked out the October 13th matchup between Carolina and Tampa Bay in Greenville. You couldn’t watch the local team on TV. “You could watch on the NFL app”. Get out of here with that. I am not watching an entire game on my phone. Thursday night football on the NFL network are inaccessible to casual fans.

I understand this is the modern world where companies are devising creative ways to put content behind pay walls, but I am not going to be the person who will pay for it. If my team (and I use “my team” loosely) isn’t on broadcast TV then I guess I’m not watching it.

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