Clemson Fans *SHOULD* Be Angry

...But About Something Else

November 23, 2020 - 1:09 pm

If you can’t (or won’t) play the game…forfeit.

On Saturday, just hours before kickoff Florida State postponed (ahem, cancelled but didn’t call it that) their home game vs Clemson. Clemson had followed all protocols and was within ACC standards but a player who'd been in close contact all week traveled with the team tested positive. Florida State said “nah” and postponed the game.

Clemson internet went wild and claimed Florida State was scared and didn’t want to take a massive loss. Rob spent the first hour of today’s show *BASICALLY* saying Dabo and Clemson internet was wrong for dragging Florida State.

Clemson fans aren’t wrong, but their ire is misguided. Nobody is scared of playing anybody. Nobody ducks anybody. Nobody forfeits to avoid losses.

Not playing Saturday stripped Clemson of a vital opportunity to look good after taking a prime time loss to Notre Dame. When your team is in the playoff hunt you need every single opportunity you get to impress the playoff committee. When your starting quarterback and running back are in the Heisman race they need every opportunity to show out. What Dabo should have articulated…what Clemson fans should be articulating…is their disappointment over not having those opportunities.

All said, Florida State should have forfeited that game. Clemson should get a 0-0 win on the ledger.

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