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Stop "Living On A Prayer"...Change Your Fandom...

October 05, 2020 - 12:46 pm

I believe it was poet laureate Jon Bon Jovi who wrote “Woaaah we’re half way there. Woo-ooh livin’ on a prayer”. (*fact check* that statement is not accurate)

That song is about appreciating what you have and trusting the process. Well Captain Kidd Johnny is wrong.

I’m here to talk to you fans of perineal middle-of-the-packers and cellar-dwellers. Why? Just…why? You know the grass is greener somewhere else right? You know you don’t HAVE to put yourself through a lifetime of supporting mediocrity just because your parents dressed you in its colors as a child? I’m not naming names. I’m not calling out specific *cough*South Carolina*cough* fan bases (excuse me). I’m not telling you that you have to commit blasphemy and switch to your rival…but maybe it’s time to call one of those cheap billboard divorce attorneys and look around to see what else is out there. Your programs have been telling you “take my hand and we’ll make it I swear” for years but what has that gotten you? Since you’re finally getting to choose…pick the pretty girl…study the culture…meet a few locals…You just might find you like winning.

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