Booing Injured Players

A Completely Classless Display In Death Valley

September 10, 2019 - 9:43 am

I cannot believe this is an argument we need to have in 2019.

At Saturday's 24-10 domination over Texas A&M we witnessed multiple Aggie players go down throughout the game. Normal, right? I mean after all it's football, injuries happen; and it was a hot late summer day with the sun beating straight down into Death Valley. After about the 3rd injury though, fans actually started booing the injured players, apparently questioning the legitimacy of injury stoppages from that point forward.

Bad look Clemson fans. Bad look.

We actually brought this topic to the air and to social media on Monday and it was met with significant backlash and a cacophony of excuses as to why it's ok to boo injured players.

Most common answers:

"They kept going down during our offensive drives" - injuries happen at any time

"They faked a lot of injuries last year too" - how does a game a year ago have real medical impact on this year? It doesn't.

"It was obvious they were faking" - are you a doctor? Did you get out your magic doctor scanner from the upper deck and run diagnostics on each player?

I'm not suggesting that players don't sometimes fake injuries to get more rest time or to affect the pace of the game. But unless there are 80,000 medical professionals specializing in long-distance diagnoses, there is ABSOLUTELY no way for you to know what's really going on. Oh, and by the way, Texas A&M's running back who stayed down for several minutes and who sustained a season-ending injury was booed. Because fans and alums of "ImmaDocta U" diagnosed him in a split second as faking.

You simply don't know why each individual player went down and questioning that with a torrent of boos is completely classless. As my esteemed colleague Ditti always says, "be better fans".

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