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Clemson Safety

"Safety" Film Review

Don’t call it a cult. Call it family. Outsiders love to call Clemson that. A “cult”. Afterall, doesn’t almost every program call itself a family? Doesn’t almost every program espouse the values “family” and “togetherness”? Outsiders love to poke fun at the way they perceive the Clemson culture,... Read More
south carolina

Shane Beamer to South Carolina

I wonder who South Carolina will be looking at hiring in 2025. I’ve gone on the record time and time and time and time again that hiring a guy into the toughest conference in college football, at a school whose fans have massive expectations, at a program that is in need of a massive rebuild is a... Read More

Misdirected Clemson Ire

If you can’t (or won’t) play the game…forfeit. On Saturday, just hours before kickoff Florida State postponed (ahem, cancelled but didn’t call it that) their home game vs Clemson. Clemson had followed all protocols and was within ACC standards but a player who'd been in close contact all week... Read More
Billy Napier

SC Should Hire Napier

I’m not a Gamecock fan. But I really hope Ray Tanner doesn’t mess this up. Don’t do what we all know you’re probably going to do by going back to the well…back to the SEC wood pile…back to the only thing you know how to do by hiring Hugh Freeze. I don’t say that as a Sunbelt fan who has vested... Read More
ESPN Upstate

No G5 Respect

“But they haven’t played anybody” “Just look at their conference record” “Only in a weird way” I have a real question for the hoards of pundits and fans who love plucking “not today” apples off the tree of excuses. What would it actually take to respect a Group of 5 team? Something plausible…... Read More
texas football

College Tradition Building

Admins, stop trying to force it and just let it happen naturally. Fan traditions are built over decades. They ebb and flow. Come and go. But administrations try every year to create something new (usually for the purposes of selling you something). It’s called “branding”. Think of your school…how... Read More

Diesel Eats Crow

Does anyone have a good recipe for crow? I’ll admit, I was wrong. I had no faith. South Carolina shocked me (and obviously Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers) with a HUGE home win over #15 Auburn thanks mostly to a big two touchdown 2nd quarter. Sure, Auburn had 16 at halftime, but in years past... Read More
college football, rankings, group of 5, power 5

Top 25 Rankings

Don’t worry movie-glass-thin-skinned power 5 football fans…the pesky group of 5 ranking usurpers be artificially relegated back where we belong soon enough. Power 5 conference fans are an interesting bunch. Getting $30-50 million for no reason other than your school was in the right place 89 years... Read More
change your fandom

Change Your Fandom...

I believe it was poet laureate Jon Bon Jovi who wrote “Woaaah we’re half way there. Woo-ooh livin’ on a prayer”. (*fact check* that statement is not accurate) That song is about appreciating what you have and trusting the process. Well Captain Kidd Johnny is wrong. I’m here to talk to you fans of... Read More

College Football Reconstruction

College football is changing. The playoff has made change inevitable. What was 4 will become 8. What will be 8 will become 16. There are 5 conferences with only 4 playoff teams. This year 1 team but in some 2 conferences get left out. That’s not going to work for some for very much longer. Who... Read More