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It's Time for CFB Relegation

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? To be honest, this concept as churned my stomach until this point. I’ve vehemently fought against this idea as “un-American”. But after watching the first three weeks of 2019 college football, I’m all in on relegation. Relegation is a merit-based... Read More

Booing Injured Players

I cannot believe this is an argument we need to have in 2019. At Saturday's 24-10 domination over Texas A&M we witnessed multiple Aggie players go down throughout the game. Normal, right? I mean after all it's football, injuries happen; and it was a hot late summer day with the sun beating... Read More

It's Time to Reduce FBS Scholarhips

It’s time for college football to re-adjust and re-consider its competitive nature. Mostly in the spirit that (right now at least) there isn’t much. Look at the preseason top 25, it’s all the usual suspects: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, and Florida (that #8... Read More

Why College Football Means Everything

I could spout off some tired statistics about student engagement and campus life, but honestly it's boring. College football is penultimate because it's by far the single biggest billboard any university can put up. If you have it and especially if you're good at it...like, REALLY good at it, it's... Read More

Why Tigers and Gamecocks Should Remove FCS from Schedules

Dabo Swinney has stated publicly that he wants the Clemson Tigers to play a pre-season inter-squad scrimmage. He wants the Tigers to play someone other the Tigers. Wait, did he just low key introduce the way Clemson (and South Carolina) can circumvent the state law that mandates the two state Power... Read More

South Carolina should leave the SEC

South Carolina fans should want the Gamecocks to re-join the ACC. Before you sharpen yer pitchforks let me explain, because it’s actually a very simple reason. Winning is fun. And winning is ALL fans should care about. Sure, your school would stand to lose a little money…the SEC’s media payout in... Read More

Is Greenville Major Sports Ready?

Greenville will never – ever – be home to a major sports franchise. Here’s why. Greenville, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It’s booming with industry, from BMW, to GE, ZF Transmissions and more. It’s also known as a foodie destination. Restaurant chains who have... Read More

Can UFC Grow Up?

Is UFC too violent? Yes. Is UFC ok with that? Also yes. Watching Saturday night’s UFC 239 in Las Vegas I saw one of the more brutal K.O.s I’ve ever seen. In the first 5 seconds of the first round of their fight Jorge Masvidal (34-13-0) absolutely destroyed Ben Askren (19-1-0) with a flying knee to... Read More

The Solution For Fixing College Football Attendance

No amount of Wi-Fi, special-made stadium cups, or chachkies at the gate will bring fans back to college football games. In 2017 college football saw its largest year-to-year attendance drop in 34 years. On average, among the 129 FBS teams attendance was down 1,409 fans per game. 2017 also marked... Read More