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Diesel Eats Crow

Does anyone have a good recipe for crow? I’ll admit, I was wrong. I had no faith. South Carolina shocked me (and obviously Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers) with a HUGE home win over #15 Auburn thanks mostly to a big two touchdown 2nd quarter. Sure, Auburn had 16 at halftime, but in years past... Read More
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Top 25 Rankings

Don’t worry movie-glass-thin-skinned power 5 football fans…the pesky group of 5 ranking usurpers be artificially relegated back where we belong soon enough. Power 5 conference fans are an interesting bunch. Getting $30-50 million for no reason other than your school was in the right place 89 years... Read More
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Change Your Fandom...

I believe it was poet laureate Jon Bon Jovi who wrote “Woaaah we’re half way there. Woo-ooh livin’ on a prayer”. (*fact check* that statement is not accurate) That song is about appreciating what you have and trusting the process. Well Captain Kidd Johnny is wrong. I’m here to talk to you fans of... Read More

College Football Reconstruction

College football is changing. The playoff has made change inevitable. What was 4 will become 8. What will be 8 will become 16. There are 5 conferences with only 4 playoff teams. This year 1 team but in some 2 conferences get left out. That’s not going to work for some for very much longer. Who... Read More
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How Much Influence Should Fans Have?

Fan. Short for fanatic. There's a reason fans don't get to make big program or franchise-altering decisions. Fans are fickle. Fans are emotional. Level headed professionals make decicisions (James Dolan and Jerry Jones aside) based on real information they receive from their coaches, players, and... Read More

NIL = Hercules from 'The Sandlot'

So, now college football as we know it is doomed and when it becomes unwatchable what are you going to do with your Saturdays? Take up cricket? Perhaps badminton? Or even lawn darts? It’s been just 1 month since California introduced legislation that would allow student athletes to profit from... Read More

Expand the Playoff

Expand the playoff you cowards. The argument that the college football regular season is a playoff is a farce. Really? Alabama vs Campbell has playoff implications? I don’t think so. As of the moment I’m writing this blog there are 4 “Group of 5” programs currently ranked in the AP top 25: #16 7-0... Read More

NFL Not Getting My Eyeballs

Why is the NFL doing this to us? The NFL is bad football, bad marketing, and bad people. I myself have never been into pro football. I’ve tried, but I just can’t stick with it. I should be. I grew up 90 minutes from Charlotte. I was 11 in 1995 when the NFL announced their expansion. I should’ve... Read More

Paying Athletes Is Easy

In a ground breaking and potentially paradigm shifting move, the State of California Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday, September 30th, 2019, signed a bill into law that would allow athletes attending its colleges and universities to hire agents to seek out paid endorsement opportunities. Several... Read More

Softy Soft Fans, It's Time To Toughen Up

To call many college football fans “soft as Charmin” would be disrespectful to the fine people who make Charmin, a premium tissue product. In truth, most college football fans are as soft as the off brand TP that leaves little specks of paper on your booty. I’m writing this article, of course, as a... Read More