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Is Greenville Major Sports Ready?

Greenville will never – ever – be home to a major sports franchise. Here’s why. Greenville, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It’s booming with industry, from BMW, to GE, ZF Transmissions and more. It’s also known as a foodie destination. Restaurant chains who have... Read More

Can UFC Grow Up?

Is UFC too violent? Yes. Is UFC ok with that? Also yes. Watching Saturday night’s UFC 239 in Las Vegas I saw one of the more brutal K.O.s I’ve ever seen. In the first 5 seconds of the first round of their fight Jorge Masvidal (34-13-0) absolutely destroyed Ben Askren (19-1-0) with a flying knee to... Read More

The Solution For Fixing College Football Attendance

No amount of Wi-Fi, special-made stadium cups, or chachkies at the gate will bring fans back to college football games. In 2017 college football saw its largest year-to-year attendance drop in 34 years. On average, among the 129 FBS teams attendance was down 1,409 fans per game. 2017 also marked... Read More

Wait, what? Basketball Is Kickstarting Realignment?

Realignment for basketball? What? Can they even do that? Last week the University of Connecticut announced their intentions to leave the American Athletic Conference and seek entry into the Big East. But why? Why would a team that’s earning close to $7 million per year leave? Simply put, for the... Read More