Clemson Football Players Organize and Lead Protest

June 11, 2020 - 11:24 am

Clemson football players will lead a protest march this Saturday on Clemson's campus.  

The protest was organized by linebacker Mike Jones, Jr., quarterback Trevor Lawrence, receiver Cornell Powell, and running back Darien Rencher.

Jones has been preparing for the protest for weeks.

In an Instagram live video, Jones explained the reasons behind the protest.  

Ahead of the march, Lawrence sent out two tweets on Monday, saying "There has to be a shift in the way of thinking. Rational must outweigh irrational. Justice must outweigh injustice. Love must outweigh hate.  If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and you don’t like how it feels-that’s when you know things need to change."

Trevor Lawrence Tweets

In a later tweet, he said, "I’m siding with my brothers that deal, and continuously deal, with things I will never experience. The injustice is clear.. and so is the hate. It can no longer be explained away. If you’re still “explaining” it - check your heart and ask why."

The protest march begins at 6 PM on Saturday, starting at Clemson's Bowman Field.


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