Mike Lombardi Thinks Cam Is About To Witness A Level Of Program He's Never Seen

Wilson & Parcell
August 05, 2020 - 7:19 pm

Photo credit Kareem Elgazzar

RADIO.COM Sports NFL Insider joined Wilson & Parcell to give his thoughts on Cam Newton and the Patriots and also his thoughts on Teddy Bridgewater as a Panther

He was asked about what Cam Newton will have to do in New England and he said, "I think Cam is going to witness a level of program he has really never seen before ".

The interview continued with him being asked if Bill Belichick would tank for Trevor Lawrence and he said, "Bill Belichick would never tank he is just too competitive".

He was later asked about Teddy Bridgewater and what his ceiling is in Carolina.

"I think Teddy has proven he can be a winning quarterback and I think he can be a franchise QB".


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