The XFL is Back: Complete 2020 XFL Schedule and Rules

John Healy
February 09, 2020 - 9:00 am

Football does not have to end with the Super Bowl.

Nineteen years after Vince McMahon debuted the original XFL in 2001, the WWE CEO is giving it a second try as the league prepares to debut the week following Super Bowl LIV.

This time things will be a little different in the XFL, though. Instead of using sex appeal and violence like last time, McMahon and commissioner Oliver Luck aim to cater the new XFL to families and plans to complement the NFL, rather than be a sideshow.

The new XFL will certainly still be a unique football experience:

• Kickoffs must be kicked within the goal line or 20-yard line. If it is a touchback, it will be placed on the return side 35-yard line. The same rule applies for punts that are out of bounds or punted into the end zone.

• There will be no kicking extra points. Teams will have the option to run a play from the 2-, 5-, or 10-yard line for either one, two or three points after a touchdown.

• There will be a running game clock and 25-second play clock in an effort to speed up the game. The game clock will only stop inside the final two minutes so teams cannot run out the clock.

• A double forward pass will be allowed, as long as the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage at any point before the second pass.

• Overtime will consists of "5 Rounds," similar to an NHL shootout where teams will alternate possession to score on one play from the five-yard line five times, and the winner will be decided with who scores most after the five tries.

• Teams will only have two timeouts per half.

• All replay reviews will come via the Replay Official. Reviewable plays are the same as the NFL prior to the 2019 season.

• The XFL will be played under the college rule where only one foot needs to be in bounds for a catch.

The new XFL will consist of eight teams and a 10-week schedule, with four teams advancing to a single-elimination playoff.

2020 XFL Schedule

Week 1

Saturday, Feb. 8

Seattle Dragons vs. DC Defenders, 2 p.m. ET, ABC

Los Angeles Wildcats vs. Houston Roughnecks, 5 p.m. ET, FOX

Sunday, Feb. 9

Tampa Bay Vipers vs. New York Guardians, 2 p.m. ET, FOX

St. Louis Battlehawks, vs. Dallas Renegades, 5 p.m. ET, ESPN

Week 2

Saturday, Feb. 15

New York Guardians vs. DC Defenders, 2 p.m. ET, ABC

Tampa Bay Vipers vs. Seattle Dragons, 5 p.m. ET, FOX

Sunday, Feb. 16

Dallas Renegades vs. Los Angeles Wildcats, 3 p.m. ET, ABC

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Houston Roughnecks, 6 p.m. ET, FS1

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