Ranking the 10 Biggest NBA Shoe Deals for League's Superstars

Jordan Cohn
June 04, 2020 - 7:59 am

I remember walking around the halls of my high school in 2011 as a freshman -- yes, I'm that young -- and proudly rocking my Nike KD 4s. For a late bloomer that had not yet broken the five-foot barrier -- yes, I was also that short -- a pair of Kevin Durant's signature kicks inexplicably gave me some sort of confidence boost that my previous pairs of generic sneakers could never quite provide.

Did the KD 4s boost my game at all? I don't know... but probably, considering I was a force to be reckoned with from beyond the arc in my rec league. Would I have found the same success had I been donning the Peak Delly 1s, the signature shoe of Matthew Dellavedova? Probably not, but I love the fact that Delly had a shoe deal once upon a time.

Whatever the case, these shoes are successful for a reason. They connect fans with their favorite athletes, allowing you to experience part of the greatness of the players you idolize. Besides, if those guys are wearing these exact shoes in-game, they must be pretty solid sneakers for the everyman.

Sneaker companies realize the effect these shoes have on consumers. They realize the star power of the guys in the NBA and the massive brands they can subsequently create. And they realize just how much money is to be made out of these partnerships. So, in short, NBA players have inked quite lucrative deals with various shoe companies, to the point where their salaries come second as a source of income in special cases.

Let's look at just how much money some of the top sneaker deals have cost major shoe companies. And no, the Peak Delly 1s did not net the Australian guard enough money to earn a spot on the list. But we're glad we could include him in the article, anyway.

Endorsement values based on numbers reported by Forbes' Kurt Badenhausen in late Summer 2019. The details of contracts and the dollar figures behind them are not available for stars like Jayson Tatum, Luka Doncic, and some others who are mentioned below.

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