NFL Insider: Roethlisberger The Worst QB In The AFC North

Mike Tannebaum would pick Jackson, Mayfield and even Burrow over Ben

Andrew Limberg
August 24, 2020 - 1:27 pm

ESPN NFL insider Mike Tannebaum believes Ben Roethlisberger is the worst quarterback in the AFC North this season.

Tannebaum made the comments on “Get Up” Monday.

“I’d rather see the ball in the hands of Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield or even Joe Burrow because those three quarterbacks in the AFC North, it’s all in front of them” said Tannebaum.

He added that Roethlisberger is past his prime, pointing the quarterbacks in in draft class (Eli Manning and Philip Rivers) have retired or are barley hanging on in the NFL.

“If I had to take the Ben Roethlisberger at 38 who has played two games in two years I’ll take my changes with Burrow and Mayfield and Pittsburgh may have the 4th best quarterback this year in the AFC North,” said Tannebaum.

Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, now and ESPN NFL Analyst disagreed with Tannebaum, and he expects Pittsburgh to win the AFC North, now that the Ravens have released Earl Thomas.

“I expect Big Ben to play big time football,” said Orlovsky.

Orlovsky also pointed out Ben has a top five defense on the other side of the ball and every other time he has had that during his career, he’s gone to the playoffs.

“So everyone telling me that the Baltimore Ravens are the runaway favorites in that division, I say pause, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be right there in the mix and I expect them to win the division,” said Orlovsky.

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