Josh Allen never wants to leave Buffalo after fans' classy gesture

Fans have donated more than $300,000 to Oishei Children's Hospital in memory of his late grandmother

Sal Capaccio
November 11, 2020 - 5:15 pm

The donations just keep pouring in.

As of late Wednesday morning, over $300,000 had been donated to the Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo in memory of Patricia Allen, the grandmother of Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

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"Words can't really describe how I feel, how my family feels," Allen told reporters on Wednesday after practice. "Every time I call my parents and let them know the new number, they just start bawling all over again. To know that people care and that so much good is coming out of a tough situation, it means the word to myself and means the world to my family.

"It just shows how this Bills community and this Buffalo community rally around each other, and that's what's what they've been know for and that's what they're still known for. I can't thank everybody who supported and donated, I can't thank them enough. It's overwhelming for sure, but so much good is coming out of a tough situation that you can't help but smile at it. It's unbelievable."

Allen said the emotional experience had him feeling like he would never want to leave the Bills or Buffalo.

“It's truly a special place," he said. "My family is forever engraved here, myself included. I don't ever want to leave, obviously. I want to play for as long as I can, and give back to the community, and give back to Bills Mafia.”

With a heavy heart on Sunday afternoon, Allen took the field to lead his team against the Seattle Seahawks and wound up posting, arguably, the best performance of his career, throwing for 415 yards and three touchdowns, plus running for another in the Bills' 44-34 win.

No media nor fans knew of the passing of his Allen's grandmother before or during the game. It was only after the contest when Bills head coach Sean McDermott revealed the situation in his postgame press conference.

Later Sunday night, a user on Reddit suggested that Bills fans make $17 donations to Oishei Children's Hospital to show their support. The idea took off, and the donations continues to grow.

"All I kept telling myself was she would want me to play," Allen said. "She would want me to play how I usually play, with the fun that I have out there and the sense of pride I have when I put on that uniform and I represent the Buffalo Bills on my back and I represent my family, and that's all I kept telling myself was that I'm doing this for her and I knew she was with me on the field."

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