Jaguars fans stuff Pro Bowl ballot for Yannick Ngakoue in hilarious scheme to upgrade draft pick

Jordan Cohn
November 18, 2020 - 12:48 pm

Do Jaguars fans — along with Bears fans, Packers fans and Lions fans — really love Yannick Ngakoue so much that they want to see him in the 2021 Pro Bowl? A Pro Bowl which, by the way, will take place virtually on a game of Madden?

No, they don't, or at least that's not the primary reason as to why there is a significant online campaign centered around getting him to his second career Pro Bowl roster. In fact, the reasoning actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Let's rewind to August 2020. Ngakoue was finally traded out of Jacksonville to the Minnesota Vikings after a tumultuous offseason in which he publicly feuded with GM Tony Khan on Twitter and made it clear that he wanted out of Florida's most populous city.

The Jaguars received a 2021 second-round pick and a 2022 conditional fifth-round pick in return. The latter of the two picks hinged on just how successful Ngakoue was in 2020, specifically regarding whether or not he made the Pro Bowl roster. If so, the Jaguars would not receive a 2022 fifth-rounder, but rather a 2022 fourth-rounder as a result of the deal.

One savvy Jaguars fan took it upon him/herself to rally other "Duval" chanters in the quest to turn their future draft pick into one with just a little bit more value, which not only benefitted them, but apparently sabotaged the Vikings as well. And that, obviously, is where the remainder of the NFC North fan bases came into play (h/t NFL Update).

But while it's brilliant for the Jaguars, it may not be quite as brilliant as it seems for opposing fan bases of the Vikings. That's because Minnesota dealt Ngakoue to the Baltimore Ravens in return for a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional fifth-round pick. What is that 2022 pick conditional upon? You guessed it.

So, all in all, the Jaguars fans win the most if Ngakoue is voted in. And on the surface, it appears to be a fun campaign for Bears, Packers and Lions fans, too, but it ultimately may not mean all too much, seeing as the Vikings get a fourth-rounder from the Ravens after giving up their own. Instead, it might be Steelers, Browns and Bengals fans who want to get in on the voting next.

Whatever the case, it's a crazy scheme that hilariously reveals just how far a fan base can go to increase their favorite team's prospects, if only by one round in the middle of a future draft.

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