Bieniemy unlikely to be Falcons next head coach

January 13, 2021 - 2:13 pm

By all reports, the Atlanta Falcons have seemingly narrowed their general manager candidates down to two names: New Orleans Saints executive Terry Fontenot and Los Angeles Rams executive Brad Holmes.

The Falcons also have a head coaching position to fill, likely to happen after they announce who their new GM will be. The hot coaching name from the jump was Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy.

Bieniemy was one of the first candidates the Falcons interviewed once their season came to an end.

However, Jason Butt of the AJC says he doesn't expect Bieniemy to be the Falcons next head coach.

"Obviously Rick Smith, Eric Bieniemy--I think that was one (GM/coach combination) for awhile. I don't think Eric Bieniemy is coming to Atlanta," Jason told Andy and Randy.

"It's just a gut feeling...It seemed like when he was the first guy mentioned, to me it never seemed like he was somebody that was gonna get--and maybe I'll be proven wrong by this at the end--but it just seemed like they were looking to get (the interview) out of the way. That was just the way I interpreted it."

According to a report from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Bieniemy's interview did not go well with the Falcons.

"Clearly there's a lot more smoke right now for Joe Brady and for Arthur Smith but not as much for Bieniemy so just trying to read through the tea leaves there as for why. I just don't think it's leaning in that direction at this time. But who knows, maybe I'll be proven wrong. Maybe that's the best kept secret in the NFL right now."

Also, according to a tweet by Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Fontenot and Joe Brady are a real possibility for the Falcons.

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