NBA March Madness: Which College Has The Best NBA Alumni in 2020?

Jordan Cohn
March 27, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Just one aspect of the beauty of March Madness is that so many young, aspiring athletes get a chance to play on the big stage. Only one team out of 68 is left cutting down the nets at the end of each year, though, meaning that this could be the one chance any given player gets at a national spotlight.

It’s hard enough to make it all the way to the NBA, let alone go to a big-time playoff game in a lead role once you’re there. DeMarcus Cousins, for example, played in four tournament games in one year of college basketball. It took him nine years to even make one playoff game in his NBA career.

But here at RADIO.COM, we like to give all former college stars a chance in our hypothetical NBA March Madness breakdown. Which colleges have the best NBA representation? Which schools produce the most alumni? Who would put together the strongest team? VOTE in our bracket below!

In order to qualify, there must be at least five active NBA players to represent the college. Teams are ranked by both quality and quantity of players. Let’s find out who comes out on top.

All stats retrieved from Basketball Reference, Sports Reference and Real GM. Player Efficiency Rating (PER) next to each player’s name.

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