Wow, This Interview With Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler Got Heated in a Hurry

June 07, 2019 - 1:32 pm

Ding ding ding! Round two.

Philadelphia Phillies manager Gabe Kapler joined Angelo Cataldi on the 94WIP Morning Show on Friday, and they got into again, this time over Jean Segura's decision to not run hard out of the box and Andrew McCutchen's subsequent season-ending torn ACL in Monday's game.

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Cataldi: "You're not even acknowledging that him not running led to the injury to McCutchen. You honestly don't see one and one equaling two?"

Kapler: "I absolutely do not see one and one equaling two."

Cataldi: "Wow, that's amazing."

Kapler: "What I see happened, like I said, Cutch stumbled out of the box. He didn't have his feet under him. Once he got his balance, he wasn't able to run as hard as he usually does. He acknowledged that, and talking about acknowledgement, I'm acknowledging that. He can do a better job running out of the batter's box. Also acknowledging that our center fielder at the time, our leadoff hitter, got hurt in a major way. I'm saying that's not Segura's fault, and to say that is absolutely irresponsible."

Cataldi: "Oh, it is? Well then you better tell the whole city, because everybody thinks that was the reason."

Kapler: "Angelo, you don't speak for the whole city."

Cataldi: "I talk to a hell of a lot more fans than you do."

Kapler: "You talk to the guys that call in, the men and women that call in."

Cataldi: "And the ones that email me and the ones that are on Twitter, and all of the other people. Are you trying to tell me you are more plugged into this city than I am? You've been on the West Coast for a week, Gabe."

Kapler: "I'll tell you this, what you are plugged into are the people that call in to your show. Not all of the fans in Philadelphia like you represent."

Cataldi: "We actually polled this question, and 85 percent of the people said that Segura should be held accountable far more than you did. So that's over five, six thousand people. That's not enough either for you, Gabe? How many do you need before you realize that you're actually not in tandem with what's going on in your city?"

Kapler: "Your sample, the sample that you are drawing from, is a very specific sample."

Cataldi: "Last thing, would you do anything different this week, Gabe?"

Kapler: "I may have handled this show a little different. I am very frustrated with you. Right now, I'm pretty perturbed. I think you didn't handle this show in a fair and reasonable way, and that's probably the thing I am most disappointed in, is the way you handled this show."

Cataldi: "I'm disappointed in some of the answers, so I guess we're equal in that."

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