Reports Indicate Kyrie Irving Could Still Play With Anthony Davis Next Season

June 17, 2019 - 1:02 pm

When Kevin Durant tore his Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, it appeared the Nets remained the favorite to sign Kyrie Irving. It seemed like the Celtics had a slightly better chance at re-signing him, though it was still unlikely. Now it almost feels unfathomable with the Lakers making the move to bring Anthony Davis to Los Angeles.

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As grim as it may look for the Celtics in the Irving sweepstakes, they may not be the only team impacted by the Davis trade.

According to multiple reports, Davis going to L.A. could be bad news for Brooklyn, too. On one hand, David Aldridge of The Athletic has sources telling him Irving wants to play with Davis. On the other, Sam Amick, also of The Athletic, had a source telling him, "days before the Davis deal was done" that "Irving was still in play for the Lakers."

Davis, Irving and LeBron James. Can't imagine that trio would receive a lot of love at the Garden.

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